New Year…And Some New Rules (PLEASE READ)

Happy New Year AOTHA! It’s our hope that you had an enjoyable holiday season and are ready to get back on the ice for the remainder of the regular season and the fast-approaching playoffs.

The Board of Directors wanted to take an opportunity to remind the entire league of a couple of things and also inform you of some rule changes that will be taking place beginning this Sunday.

First, we feel it is important to remind everyone of the purpose and philosophy of our league:

The mission of AOTHA is to support and develop hockey in Lenawee County.

The philosophy of AOTHA is to promote adult ice hockey for players of all skill levels in a competitive and organized environment; to foster camaraderie, friendship, and physical fitness; to establish and maintain an enjoyable and recreational ice hockey league within Lenawee County.

This reminder is important because there has been an elevation in physical contact and outright aggression over the last handful of games. The Board convened before Christmas to discuss several on-ice incidents as well as updates to our current rules regarding intent to injure/potential to injure, major and double-minor penalties.


Major/Misconduct Penalties – These will be 7 minutes in length and the player will automatically be ejected from the remainder of the game. The penalized team will play short handed for the 7 minute duration but will not have to have another player serve in the penalty box. They may return to full strength only after the first whistle/stoppage of play after the 7 minute penalty expires.

Double Minor – The penalties of cross checking and body checking will be assessed as double minor penalties, 6 minutes. The double minor will also be used for any penalty where there is or could be deemed a probability of injury.

The referees have been encouraged to be much more strict on penalty calls and to not try to interpret the players intent or skill level to qualify their call or non-call. With that being said, we anticipate to see an increase in penalty calls and would appreciate your cooperation and understanding by not complaining and arguing with the referees when calls are made. Captains have been instructed to be the only ones to communicate with the referees to get clarification of calls or question in-game decisions.

It’s been said countless times within our league that “everyone has to work on Monday.” This is a great reminder that we’re on the ice to have fun and play hockey in a safe manner. Let’s all do our part and get back to doing this to finish out this season in an enjoyable atmosphere.

See you all Sunday!