About the League


This is a competitive recreational men’s 30 and over hockey league founded in 2007. Our games are played at the Arrington Ice Arena on the beautiful Adrian College campus. Adrian, MI is located roughly 30-35 minutes from Jackson, Ann Arbor, and Toledo, OH.

Want to JOINAwesome!
Try outs are open during our annual rate-skate, typically held in the late summer. All men over 30 are welcomed to come to try-outs to get rated for our league. If current opening(s) are not available, we are always looking for interested substitutes to play a few games when league members are unable to. Please check the Try-Outs section for more information. Once our annual rate-skate has been scheduled, it will be announced under the Latest News on the sidebar and in the Try-Outs section.

What makes AOTHA great to play in?

  1. Respectful NOT Goonish… (everyone has to work on Monday right?)
    • We are a NON-Checking / NON-Fighting league
    • TWO Majors and you are most likely banned for the season, possibly the League
  2. Balanced Talent NOT the Superstars vs the Benchwarmers
    • We are an Open Draft League with new teams established each year
    • Each player is annually rated 1-6 and team captains re-draft annually (no hidden ‘ringers’)
  3. Fast Paced NOT Old Man Turtle Games
  4. Competitive NOT Just a Beer League
    • While this is a Non-Slapshot league, many players have wicked wrist and snap shots
    • Every year 10 Teams compete for the President’s Cup
  5. Organized NOT Pickup Hockey
    • Each game is refereed with two referees
    • Three 14 min periods, tracked for stats, and Zamboni’d ice between games

Go to the Try-Outs section to find out more about joining AOTHA or go to the contact page to email us directly.